Caitlyn on Trump

Speaking of Caitlyn, she just came out against her boyfriend, Donald Trump.  She took umbrage at the dropping of federal protection for transgender students to use the bathroom of their gender identification in public schools.  The feds claim that those matters should be decided by the states.  But Cait still has hope.  “And you can still fix it.  You made a promise to protect the LGBTQ community.  Call me.”  And then she gave Donald a little wink.

I’m not going to get political with you.  But I do want to take a moment and explain what happens when you take a civil liberty and put it in the hands of states – slavery.  If somehow states could decide whether to allow slavery or not, Oprah would be running a network from a plantation – wearing shackles.  You might like to think that nobody in their right mind would vote to bring back slavery.  But you’d be wrong.  That’s why civil liberties are determined on a national level – so that an old black woman who wants to sit anywhere on a bus in one state doesn’t have to sit in the back in another; so that people of different races or even sexes won’t be considered married in one state and living in sin in another; and so that someone who wants to pee in the bathroom of the gender they identify with in one state won’t get arrested for indecent exposure in another.  It’s that simple.

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