Dynasty Reboot’s Changes

Lastly, we’ve learned several details about the upcoming Dynasty reboot.  Like what?  Well, Steven Carrington still has a fling with Cristal’s relative, Sammy Jo.  But this time around, niece Sammy Jo is called Sam and, oh yes, he’s her nephew!  The show has eschewed the Denver locale and is now set in Atlanta.  Therefore, Blake’s company is no longer Denver Carrington – it’s Carrington Atlantic.  BTW, Blake is being played by that thespian, Grant Show!  So, lemme do some quick calculations.  When the original Dynasty hit the airwaves, John Forsythe was 63 and wooed the much-younger Linda Evans, who was 39.  Shocking.  When they shoot this pilot, Grant Show will be 55 and his Cristal, Nathalie Kelley, is 32.  Actually, that all works out.

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