Idol Alum Prays Gay Away

I ask your indulgence in this next story because, to be honest, I have no idea what I’m talking about.  I had abandoned “American Idol” long before it limped to its final days on the tube.  But I vaguely remember La’Porsha.  What can I say?  I have a penchant for big black women with apostrophes in their names.  I went back in the archives of, and read some quotes she made when the so-called “bathroom bill” passed in her native Mississippi.  On the topic of homosexuality, she said, “I am one of the people who doesn’t really agree with that lifestyle.  I wasn’t brought up that way, it wasn’t how I was raised.  But I do have a lot of friends and a lot of people that I love dearly who are gay and homosexual and they’re such sweet, nice people.”  So I find it all the more mind-boggling that now, a scant year later, she’s made what I find a startling statement: “I chose to be heterosexual after being homosexual for 2 years.”  Huh?  Turns out, this revelation is in support of another one of her beliefs.  “You’re wrong to think it’s not a choice for some…because it was for me.”  She has also said, “I chose a belief system that felt TRUE to my spirit.”  She calls it a choice.  Others might call it denial.


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