Sepulveda’s Single

Something which is definitely a choice is whether or not to be a whore.  I don’t say that in a disparaging way.  After all, everybody loves a whore.  If they didn’t, it would be hard to earn the title.  This story is an update on the whore of 2016 (and several previous decades), Logo‘s Prince Charming, Robert Sepulveda.  Brace yourself – he’s single.  I know – who couldn’t see that coming?  “Eric is a super, super sweet guy, but we’re not together and I’m completely, completely single.”  Sounds like an escort ad to me.  But, wait – he’s not done.  “I have lots of production companies that are interested in doing shows with me, so I’m going to focus on that and my pocketbook.”  What a shocking shift in priorities – holding out for cash.  But, riddle me this – who are these numerous production companies looking to hire an aging gay hooker?  ‘Cause I’m willing to put out…for a price.

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