Sex and the City 3

The first woman Cynthia Nixon ever kissed was her wife!  “I had never dated a woman before or even kissed a woman or anything, and so when we started seeing each other, Christine kept waiting for the other shoe to drop – for me to panic about what this would mean to my career or to myself, as if somehow I just hadn’t noticed that she was a woman.”  There may be a good reason she didn’t notice.  Nixon once said Christine was “like a short man with boobs”.  I know some men who fit that description!

Several outlets reported that a new Sex and the City film was happening.  False.  I recently spoke with someone very close to the project, and found out that nothing is definite.  The only thing everyone agrees on is the plot.  All four ladies like the outline.  A script was ordered.  Sarah Jessica allegedly did not like the first draft, feeling it departed from the tone of the original too much.  And that’s where it stands.  Once SJP sees a script she likes, the other girls have to approve it.  Then all the logistics of scheduling need to be worked out.  So, it’ll be a while.

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