Aaron Schock’s Special Friend

Joan Rivers was chummy with Prince Charles.  So when she could bring a plus one for a weekend at Windsor Castle with Charles and Camilla in 2011, she brought Kathy Griffin.  We knew that part of the story.  But last week, New York Magazine writer Yashar Ali Tweeted: “Kathy Griffin called me and told me the craziest story about being at Windsor Castle with Joan Rivers and Aaron Schock“.  Sure, that got your attention.  You didn’t expect a story about Kathy and Joan to include a mega-hot, allegedly closeted, disgraced ex-Congressman, did you?

Yashar released the story as a string of Twitter posts.  We’ve set the stage – Joan and Kathy are having dinner in Windsor Castle.  Now, we cut to the Twitter posts, which I will slightly edit for flow: “Kathy is placed at dinner next to this gay couple.  Both in tuxes.  One is clean cut and the other is kinda greasy.  The clean cut guy is clearly a fan, chatting her up, asks her all about Cher – total gossip session.  Fun.  Kathy has no idea (keep in mind this is before he became gaymous) that the gay guy she’s seated with is a Congressman.  Finally she asks what do you do for a living?  He says he’s a Congressman from Peoria, IL – Kathy is from Oak Park, IL.  She asks Aaron how he ended up in Windsor Castle and he says that for $25,000 to the Prince’s charity you get this 2 week package.  Where you get to hang out with him and travel all around.  Huh?  Kathy is like this doesn’t pass the smell test – $25K for two weeks?  Even if there were a 2 week package – it wouldn’t be $25K to hang out with the Prince et al  – clearly a weird lie.  She then says ok so obviously you’re for repealing DOMA, same sex marriage etc.  Remember she’s assuming he’s out.   He gets all curt and is like ‘uh no I am not’.  Remember he’s sitting there with his boyfriend talking about Cher etc.  Gimme a break.  She accuses him of being a bad gay!!!!  He gets super annoyed w/ her + doesn’t say ‘I’m not gay’.  It’s more like he was offended by idea that anyone there thought he was gay.  So remember there’s night 2 of the Windsor extravaganza…the next night he totally ignores her, cold shoulder etc.”

“The $25k for 2 weeks – also bs, turns out Aaron was there as the guest of the paying guest — we don’t know who that is.  Cause it wasn’t his boyfriend who paid.  Here’s his date to Windsor Castle [Yashar posted a photo, which we will also post on BillyMasters.com].  Obviously a member of the family, if you know what I’m saying.  One of the things Aaron got charged with was accepting an illegal gift ie the Windsor Castle excursion but here’s what we didn’t know…Kathy Griffin was in the loop (unwittingly) years before the rest of us and the Feds.  Which is peak Kathy Griffin.”  BTW, the entertainment for the soirée was Barry Manilow!  Yashar sums it up like this: “Kathy Griffin, Joan Rivers, Prince Charles, Aaron Schock, Camilla Parker Bowles, and Barry Manilow walk into Windsor Castle…is the start of the gayest joke ever!”

Let me do what nobody else has done and reveal the name of Schock’s Windsor Castle date – Shea Ledford.  I remember Shea’s name being bandied about when the still-Congressman was being investigated for his lavish spending.  Ledford was often described as Schock’s “longtime friend”.  He eventually joined his staff as a “district special assistant” – so perhaps he was assisting Schock in Windsor Castle!  But, here’s a wrinkle in the story – Shea is married…to a woman!  And his wife was also on Schock’s payroll as a receptionist in his office.  The couple is expecting their first child any day now.  Shea clearly learned a thing or two from his former boss.  One of the items on the couple’s baby registry is gourmet ice cream.  ‘Cause if there’s one thing newborns want, it’s ice cream!”.

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