Amazing Cop Revealed

Our Ask Billy question comes from Justin in Hollywood: “What do you know about that hot gay cop who is on Amazing Race?  Do you have any nudes?  Is he single?”

Seth Tyler is a 37-year-old police officer from Bellevue, Washington.  “I grew up on a small farm in Oregon.  I grew up around cows, horses, livestock, throwing hay into the back of a truck.”  In other words, he probably knows his way around a butter churn!  He’s been a policeman for 11 years and is pretty well-known in the area as the public information officer – meaning he’s the cop you usually see on the TV news.  Of course, he was already comfortable in front of the camera since he previously worked as a fitness model through a Portland agency.  He and his firefighting younger brother applied to Amazing Race two years ago.  While he didn’t make the cut then, he was called in this season to be paired with a stranger.  That ended up being Olive Beauregard, who is also a firefighter.  Seth is six feet tall and, yes, he has a boyfriend.  As to photos of him, we did come across a very cute one of him in lederhosen.  But I’m sure you were looking for something more revealing.  We’ve got those, too, on

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