Why Was Manilow Scared?

In what I suppose is big entertainment news, Barry Manilow is gay.  I always say people must come out at their own pace.  And while this was not news to most of us, many of his diehard Fanilows were convinced otherwise.  They were as sure of that as they were that Liberace simply never found the right girl – HE was the right girl!  Turns out Barry had some real fear that if he admitted he were gay and tied the knot with his manager of the past four decades, some of his female fan base would be upset.  “I thought I would be disappointing them if they knew I was gay.  So I never did anything.”  Well, I’m sure he did some things, but none that were publicized!  He’s been pleasantly surprised by their reaction.  “They were so happy.  The reaction was so beautiful – strangers commenting, ‘Great for you!’  I’m just so grateful for it.”  All’s well that ends well.


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