Navy Seal Uncovered

I got this next story from one of the many employees at  Well, “employee” is probably the wrong term – that would imply money changed hands.  There’s payment, but it’s a more fluid situation.  Let’s just say this story came from one of my more enthusiastic volunteers.  It’s the story of Navy Chief Special Warfare Officer Joseph John Schmidt III.  This 42-year-old is a highly decorated Navy SEAL.  And he’s married.  And he has kids.  And, oh yes, he’s also made at least 29 porn videos over the past seven years under the name Jay Voom.  OK, interest officially piqued.  Turns out, the bulk of his body of work has been with his wife, porn megastar Jewels Jade.  (Sidenote: in straight porn, nobody cares about the men.  The women are the stars, and they call the shots.  Thank you, Gloria Steinem).

Although this story just broke in the mainstream press, it’s old news in the Navy.  Jewels claims that her husband’s activities are well-known among the Naval brass.  In fact, the SEALs invited her to the commandos’ Coronado campus to sign autographs after she was named 2011 Penthouse Pet of the Month.  The issue seems to be that for a SEAL to have a side job, forms must be filled out.  For instance, Schmidt filled out paperwork to sell herbal supplements.  I dunno about you, but I know what’s happened every time I’ve been alone with an Herbalife salesman.  As for Schmidt, it’s unclear if he actually broke any rules.  According to Jewels, she “recruited her husband to help out as an unpaid performer.”  See?  No money changed hands.  There’s an investigation going on, which could jeopardize Schmidt’s retirement plans.  In the interim, no reason you can’t check out his volunteer work/community service on

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