Hernandez’s Secret

Above all else, I’m a Bostonian first.  So, I have followed the Aaron Hernandez murder trial(s) with some interest.  Once he committed suicide, I was perplexed.  He just was acquitted of murder, and his current lawyer was sure he could get an appeal going for the first murder sentence.  This is not when I would expect someone to commit suicide – Scripture passages notwithstanding.  But his death brought forth some revelations which helped make sense of a lot of things.  Apparently the first murder victim (a guy who was dating the sister of Aaron’s fiancé) allegedly knew that Hernandez was bisexual.  That at least gives Aaron a motive for murder – to prevent the rumor from getting out.  Is the story true?  Who knows.  But allegedly Hernandez left three notes – one to his fiancé, one to his daughter, and one to someone described as “his prison boyfriend”.  It has also been alleged that the prison beau is a significant beneficiary in Aaron’s will.  You mean there was money involved?  Shit, I would have been up for a conjugal visit had I known that!

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