Nude Olympic Bobsledder

In our Ask Billy question this week, Roger in Delaware asked: “What do you know about that hot gay bobsled guy?  Saw his nude photo and love him.  Is he single?”

I am sure Olympian Simon Dunn really wants to be referred to as “that hot gay bobsled guy”.  But I suppose there are worse things to be called.  Dunn is Australian, retired at the ripe old age of 29, and has a penchant for posing in various stages of undress to the delight of his social media followers.  Apparently this is a practice he follows in his private life as well, judging from the photo that leaked.  He addressed the controversy online, expressing embarrassment (although he certainly has nothing to be embarrassed about), and apologizing to his family and friends.  Part of his statement implies he’s single.  “I guess the silver lining is I can just link people to Tumblr next time they ask for such pictures.  And remember boys no matter how hot he is don’t send nudes.”  What?  If hot guys didn’t send nudes, I’d have nothing to share with you on

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