Gay Rugby Player Engaged

The path to true love never doth runneth smoothly…or words to that effect.  Sam Stanley was the first British rugby player to come out as gay way back in 2015.  Although he is now retired from the game, he’s still making headlines.  Last week, the announcement of his engagement to his partner of seven years, Laurence Hicks, was met with many snarky comments from people online.  The UK magazine Attitude claims that much of the criticism was based on the couple’s 25+ year age difference.  Stanley’s Instagram post probably didn’t help as he referred to Hicks as “my pretend godfather, uncle, cousin, and many others in order to make sure no one found out about us and that we were a couple.”  Sam also revealed that he’s into older men and found Hicks on  Aside from the age difference, I was quite surprised when I saw the beach photos of them which I’ll post on on


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