American Idol’s Back

When American Idol limped off the air last year, Ryan Seacrest said, “Goodbye…for now” – a not-too-subtle sign that the show could return in the future.  Who thought “the future” would come so quickly?  While Seacrest has not formally been named host, I hear it was part of his deal to join ABC and co-host with Kelly Ripa in the AM.  Why would Seacrest fly back and forth to LA every week to host a show?  Why not?  As to the judging panel, the ABC brass tried to get the original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, to sign on.  However, NBC snagged her for The Voice.  Adding insult to injury, Jennifer Hudson will also be a coach on The Voice.  So, what about AI?  I hear Clay‘s name mentioned, but heaven only knows.  While I’ll be glad if some of my pals get their jobs back, I really hope a revamped Idol is worth watching – because it sure wasn’t those last few years.

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