Disney Star Jerks Off

For our Ask Billy question, we turn to Henry from Long Beach: “I know you’ll make fun of me, but I loved Shake It Up on the Disney Channel.  Someone told me Kenton Duty is gay.  Do you know if he is?”

I would never make fun of a fan – especially one who writes me (and is a member of my website).  The truth is, I had no idea what a Kenton Duty is – but it sounds like Pepto-Bismol would clear it right up!  Upon a bit of research, I find that Duty is a hot blond guy who played the rather girlie Gunther on Shake It Up opposite that triple threat, Bella Thorne (who just broke up with a Kardashian-in-law, which is neither here nor there).  Whilst I can neither confirm nor deny his sexual inclinations (I never worked with him), I don’t suppose you’d like to see his penis, would you?  ‘Cause he joins that growing list of young men who have videos pleasuring themselves.  What he lacks in length he makes up for in girth, as you’ll see on BillyMasters.com.

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