Crispy Criss

Our real Ask Billy question comes from Jack in Chicago: “I know you must have seen that photo of Darren Criss holding his Speedo.  SO HOT!  Is there one without the Speedo?”

Once again, I have to explain to everyone what we’re talking about.  He’s prepping to play Andrew Cunanan in Ryan Murphy‘s series about the Gianni Versace murder.  Part of that rigorous preparation process includes working out and tanning – my God, we have the same life, me and Darren Criss!  As often happens, he laid out a tad too long and got what we in Boston would call a wicked sunburn!  To show the degree of the burn, he stood naked and held the Speedo in front of his naughty bits, so we could see the contrast.  Risqué as that photo was, my fans want more.  Alas, one will have to make do with the variety of photos from the set you can find on

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