Corrigan Engaged

Speaking of gay porn, a legendary star is off the market.  According to Instagram (which is the gay porn equivalent of the Associated Press), Brent Corrigan is engaged.  Once again, I feel like I’ve reported this story before.  And yet, the person he’s engaged to is a name I know I’ve never typed – JJ Knight.  One gay porn website called them “two of the biggest gay porn stars in the industry” – so there!  JJ posted a photo of them together saying, “It’s true we don’t have it as easy as ordinary couples.  But I can promise you that this is no ordinary love!! (He is the man of my dreams and I am proud to call him my fiancĂ©!)”  You can tell it’s the real thing.  At the HustlaBall in Las Vegas earlier this year, JJ fucked Brent in public.  Awww, it’s almost like Pretty Woman – but without the thigh high boots!  Of course, you can watch the video on our website.  And, we wish them the best.

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