Ricky’s Ass Cover Up

To keep Anderson and other fans of Latinos happy, we have a surprise for you.  While on the set of The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime StoryRicky Martin had to have his tattoos covered.  After doing his torso, the makeup artist had to work on his buttocks.  While he was shirtless, bent over a counter, with his ass in the air, co-star Penelope Cruz snapped a photo.  From this, we learn two things: 1) he’ll be showing some ass in the movie and B) he’s used to this position.  You can see the fruits of his loins on BillyMasters.com.

Because I’m a stickler for equal time, we also have something for Andy Cohen fans.  He recently went to see Diane Ross in concert.  Someone decided it would be more fun to film Andy’s reaction than to focus on Miss Ross, and I agree.  Sure, it’s fun to see Sandra Bernhard singing along, but it’s all about Cohen’s interpretive dance to “I Will Survive”, which you can also find on our website.

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