Murray’s Groundhog Day

In the case of Sunset Boulevard, we’re talking about a film which became a musical (which may soon become a musical film).  With Groundhog Day, it was a movie that became a musical.  And that Broadway musical has had a rocky road, despite plaudits from critics and fans alike.  Last week, the show got some encouragement from a special person – Bill Murray.  The star of the film version of Groundhog Day went to see the musical and was moved to tears.  “It was really beautiful.  You got me.  You really got me,” he said at the end of the show.  When addressing the cast, he said, “The idea that we just have to try again.  We just have to try again.  It’s such a beautiful, powerful idea.”  It was so powerful that the very next day, Bill Murray went to see it again!  Either that, or they all somehow fell into some real-life “groundhog day” experience.  “This show should be mandatory,” he said the second time around.  Alas, while Bill keeps buying tickets, the crowds are not.  The show just posted its closing notices and will leave Broadway on September 17th and embark on a national tour next year.

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