Kathy Griffin’s Not Sorry

It’s amazing what a difference a few months can make.  Days before Memorial Day, photos of Kathy Griffin holding a bloody Trump mask made news around the globe.  On June 2nd, the now-infamous press conference took place where Griffin apologized and cried how she was broken and her career was ruined.  Fast forward three months to Labor Day, and Kathy is embarking on her first world tour – the Laugh Your Head Off Tour.  She’s also rescinding her apology.  “I’m no longer sorry.  The whole outrage was BS.  The whole thing got so blown out of proportion,” Kathy told the Australian morning show Sunrise.  When the interviewer asked if the photo crossed the line, Griffin said, “No, you’re full of crap.  Stop this.  You know this.  Stop acting like my little picture is more important than talking about the actual atrocities that the president of the United States is committing.”

In a long and detailed interview with The Cut, Griffin made even more revelations.  She says everyone around her told her to cancel the press conference, and she now regrets doing it.  “None of the points I wanted to make in that press conference came across because I saw I was a victim and acted like a victim.  I take responsibility for that.”  She also revealed the status of her relationship with former friend Anderson Cooper.  Yes, I said former friend.  According to Kathy, Coop didn’t contact her after the photos went public.  He didn’t contact her after she tearfully spoke about him during the press conference.  And he didn’t contact her before July 26th, when he told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that their friendship was intact.  According to Kathy, while four of Anderson’s CNN colleagues repeatedly checked in on her, she didn’t hear from the erstwhile Vanderbilt until August 10th.  On that day, he reached out via text.  She responded that their friendship is over.

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