Pretty Boy Karma

Time for another season of The X Factor UK.  Once again, Simon CowellSharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh make the ultimate trio of judges.  And, Nicole Scherzinger is fine (she’s growing on me).  While I am typically not a fan of the early audition process, The X Factor does it in a way that is far less exploitative than other shows.  But, since we’re all for a little bit of exploitation, let’s talk about the hot twins from Greece.  Phillip and Achilles make up Pretty Boy Karma and, well, they’re not particularly talented.  But they are kinda hot – picture Justin Bieber with a learning disability (not much of a stretch).  These twins claim to have started out singing in the shower – let that sink in.  They sang terribly, but lifted their shirts and showed off their abs, so they won my vote.  Alas, the real judges said no.  But they’re still worth checking out on

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