Kathy Griffin’s Gripe

It used to be a big deal for Kathy Griffin if she fought with Hasselbeck and was banned from The View.  That’s small potatoes compared to her latest scandals.  And now it’s closer to home – she’s feuding with a neighbor.  But don’t get too nervous – it’s not Kim and Kanye.  It’s Jeffrey Mezger, who is the CEO of KB Home – a company I don’t know anything about, but apparently he’s a big deal.  Here’s what happened – on September 16th, Mezger’s grandkids were in the pool with some friends between 8-9PM.  Apparently, Kathy’s boyfriend Randy called the police because he felt they were making too much noise.  Did you follow that?  Someone who wasn’t the homeowner was having a pool party, and someone next door who was also not a homeowner complained.  And the kicker is that the party with the loud noise was at 9PM.  Come on – really? 

Mezger went off on Randy, “You called the cops on my grandkids at 9 o’clock?  You’re not even the fucking owner.  You’re stuck with a fucking bald dyke who Donald Trump kinda put the heat on.  Now you’re calling the cops?  Fuck you, and fuck Kathy.  You’re not our fucking neighbor.  You’re a fucking asshole.”  So, let’s first explain the “bald dyke” business.  A month ago, Kathy shaved her head in support of her sister who had cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy.  P.S.  Her sister died days before the incident with Mezger.  We know all these details because the Huffington Post got an audio recording of the altercation and published it.  Mezger has since apologized for the language – perhaps because his company slashed his substantial bonus and threatened to remove him from office if there is one more piece of bad press.

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