Adam’s Gay

Any day now, we’ll be getting a reboot of Dynasty.  So it’s fitting that one of the original series stars is back in the news.  What makes it newsworthy is that Gordon Thomson, who played Adam, has come out of the closet.  Of course, I can’t imagine anyone is particularly surprised – the dark, brooding, chiseled-featured actor always came off as a snappy queen…and I say that with affection.  If I’m not mistaken, during his “Dynasty” years he was married to a significantly older woman.  Anyway, last week he officially came out as gay at the ripe old age of 72.  He tells The Daily Beast there was never any thought of doing so in the ’80s.  “To come out would have been professional suicide without question.”  Part of the issue was playing a leading man on a soap.  “You’re also a source of fantasy.  Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi are wonderful people, but pardon me, how many audience members fantasize about fucking either one of them?  Really.  It had a lot to do with what you looked like, I’m afraid.”  Meow!

Even in today’s world, Thomson thinks looks and money are the prime considerations when it comes to an actor contemplating going public about their sexuality.  He thinks Matt Bomer is “extraordinarily good-looking and talented”.  But he doesn’t think his coming out was much of a risk “because he has a rich, successful husband.  He doesn’t need his work to live.”  His candor extends to the topic of his old show returning to the airwaves.  “I have had a look at the new Dynasty and I am appalled.  What the fuck is The CW doing?  It’s utter shit.”

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