Ivana v. Melania

“Girl, listen, this is getting juicy.  Andy Cohen, I’m waiting for
The Real Housewives of Eastern Europe.  Go get ’em! 
Get on this, Andy Cohen.  Those bitches are gonna be fighting with swords and everything!
Sheryl Underwood on The Talk discusses Andy Cohen’s offer to mediate between
Ivana and Melania Trump.  I’d definitely watch that show.

Why did Ivana Trump write a book?  Not that I don’t find her entertaining – in that 80s Bond villainess kinda way.  But there she was, promoting her new book on Good Morning America, saying that although she has a direct line to the White House, she doesn’t call because Melania is there.  P.S. Is Melania there?  I thought she was in New York?  Ivana also said she doesn’t want to make Melania jealous “or something like that because I am basically first Trump wife.  I’m First Lady, OK?”  I don’t know if I’d brag about that, but she is certainly right.  And how pathetic for Melania to actually respond to this comment.  I would have never thought that the smart wife was Marla – who Ivana never refers to by name in the book and simply calls “The Showgirl”!

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