Etheridge Arrested

Someone who isn’t known for wearing much makeup is Melissa Etheridge.  And yet, I must say she’s positively glowing in the photo we just received.  Perhaps because it’s her mugshot!  She was arrested after her tour bus was stopped by Customs after crossing the Canadian border into North Dakota on August 17th (the birthday of Big Mama Masters and Belinda Carlisle).  The K-9 patrol detected possible drugs, searched the bus, and found marijuana oil.  Apparently Etheridge has a prescription in California for the oil which she uses to manage pain from cancer.  While it’s legal in California, it isn’t in North Dakota.  She pled not guilty, cheerfully posed for a mugshot, and was booked for possession of a controlled substance.  So we’ve learned two things: 1) Don’t bring prescription drugs into a state where they are illegal and B) Who knew North Dakota bordered Canada?

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