It Gets Better Nude

I’ve dated my share of hot men.  Strike that – more than my share.  And I’ve never taken offense when people have blatantly lusted after my partners or accused them of looking overtly sexual.  I enjoy that – and if someone looks a little whorey, it typically means they look like someone people would pay for sex.  If I’m getting it for free, it’s a win/win.  I say this as an introduction to some scaldingly hot photos of Dan Savage‘s spouse.  If you want to know why the writer said “It Gets Better“, it’s because he gets to sleep with Terry MillerTom of Finland‘s first official US Ambassador.  Unlike other ambassadorships, this one probably needs to be well-versed in a variety of positions, to say nothing of maintaining a very minimalist wardrobe.  In fact, the pictorial we just got ahold of indicates to me that Dan might need to use both hands…if you catch my drift.  Yes, that means you can see every inch of Terry on

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