More Spacey Fallout

“It seems to me that Kevin Spacey coming out as gay amidst allegations of pedophilia
is like Jeffrey Dahmer admitting that he’s not a vegetarian!
”  – Billy Masters

colorbar1As we went to press last week, the Kevin Spacey debacle was just unfolding.  As I said at the time, I was proud of Anthony Rapp‘s honesty, and that his words got Spacey to admit he’s gay after years of deflecting.  But, of course, Spacey’s admission was made in order to deflect away from the charges of predatory activity on a minor.  The fallout has been staggering.  In the space of 48 hours, Kevin went from being an odd bachelor who went to award shows with his mother to being a pariah.  His agents and publicists dumped him, his International Emmy Founders Award was rescinded, Netflix cancelled House of Cards (although discussions are ongoing regarding continuing the show without him), and the network also dropped plans to release his Gore Vidal biopic.  In the past week, many men have come forward with their Spacey stories – most recently, a story that he groped Richard Dreyfuss‘ son when he was 18!  Everything we’ve heard whispered about him for decades is now being shouted from the rooftops.  The Old Vic (where Spacey was artistic director from 2004-2015) even set up an anonymous hotline for men who want to come forward with their stories.  While Spacey has said he will “seek evaluation and treatment”, his brother has come forward saying that their father was a member of the American Nazi Party, grew a mustache to resemble Hitler, and sexually assaulted him (Spacey’s brother) from the time he was 12 years old.  So what?

Tommy Dorfman from 13 Reasons Why has come forward with a story of his own.  He Tweeted, “As a person who was sexually assaulted and abused at 14 by a 27-year-old, I applaud [Anthony Rapp] for his courage.  It’s scary to speak out”.  He previously gave an interview to Gay Times where he said, “When you’re 14, you think it’s totally fine.  I didn’t wanna, when I bottomed for the first time, like, I was really young, and I didn’t quite know what that meant.  I only had porn really.  I didn’t have the language to ask for what I might need or even say no in that kind of position.  It was very scary thing.  And I think for me at 14 I thought I could do anything and I was ready for anything…and I wasn’t, I was not ready for that.”

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