Posey Puts Out

You know who else came out as bisexual?  Tyler Posey.  OK, not exactly Tyler Posey, but the character he plays on Jane the Virgin.  His character, Adam, tells Jane (the virgin), “I had a boyfriend in our school when everyone was experimenting, and another in Fort Green when everyone wasn’t.”  For those of you playing at home, that’s two boyfriends.  But that’s just his character, right?  Well…let’s not be too hasty.  After all, he’s previously admitted to being on Grindr – and how many straight men can say that?  Hands?  Well, it’s really not a fair question – how many straight men are reading this column?  But how many straight men have seen Posey’s penis?  Again, I see no hands – although they may be otherwise engaged.  Since Tyler has said he doesn’t care that his nudes (and the videos) fell into our hands, why not share them with you – on BillyMasters.com.

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