Nick Carter Accused

The latest sexual assault accusations are targeted towards Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys.  According to Melissa Schuman (who was a member of the pop group Dream), she and several friends were in Nick’s apartment in 2002.  They were making out and then Nick led her to the bathroom.  He hoisted her on the counter, unbuttoned her pants and then performed oral sex on her.  Then he allegedly forced her to perform oral sex on him.  Then he carried her to the bed.  She says, “Then I felt it, he put something inside of me.  I asked him what it was and he whispered in my ear…’It’s all me baby.’  It was done.”  Melissa, who at the time was a virgin, claims that throughout this encounter, she was protesting and fighting him physically – which begs the question, what were the friends in the next room doing?  Despite the “assault”, Nick and Melissa remained friends.  They performed together, recorded together, and even made the 2004 film The Hollow together.  Nick says, “Melissa never expressed to me while we were together or at any time since that anything we did was not consensual…This is the first that I am hearing about these accusations, nearly two decades later.  It is contrary to my nature and everything I hold dear to intentionally cause someone discomfort or harm”.

This incident reminded me of a story about Nick and the Backstreet Boys‘ former manager, Lou Pearlman.  Here’s an excerpt from a 2007 Vanity Fair exposé about the impresario: “These were the young singers seen emerging from his bedroom late at night, buttoning their pants, sheepish looks on their faces.  Some deny anything improper ever happened.  But the parents of at least one, a member of the Backstreet Boys, complained.  And for any number of young men who sought to join the world’s greatest boy bands, Big Poppa‘s attentions were an open secret, the price some paid for fame.”  Denise McLean, the mother of AJ McLean, says, “For a while Nick loved going over to Lou’s house.  All of a sudden it appeared there was a flip at some point.  Then we heard from the Carter camp that there was some kind of inappropriate behavior.  It was just odd.  I can just say there were odd events that took place.”  Singer Phoenix Stone adds, “With Nick, I got to tell you, this was not something Nick was comfortable talking about.  What happened?  Well, I just think that he finally, you know, Lou was definitely inappropriate with him, and he just felt that he didn’t want anything to do with that anymore.  There was a big blowup at that point.”  If in fact Nick was victimized by Lou, it is almost textbook that a victim of sexual assault could become an assailant.  Hmmm…


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