Coming Out Of More Than Make-up

Back in June, Kevin Spacey was hosting the Tony Awards.  He even donned drag as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard and sang, “I’m coming out…no, wait…I’m going into makeup”.  Little did he know, no amount of makeup could cover what was ahead.  A few months later, Anthony Rapp went public with a story he told me in 1991 – that Kevin Spacey had attempted a sexual situation with him when he was 14!  Rapp tried to tell his story on the record several times over the years – including during an interview with The Advocate.  Each time, he was stifled.  But now, with his casting on Star Trek: Discovery, Anthony not only spoke out, but was heard – the power of one voice.  Within weeks, Spacey was dumped from House of Cards, his Gore Vidal biopic was shelved, and the producers of All the Money in the World hired Christopher Plummer to replace him within days of the film’s release.

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