Ronan Blows …the Lid

While the election cast an ominous shadow on the country, 2017 will likely go down as the year of sexual abuse.  And one must give credit where it is due.  Satchel Ronan O’Sullivan Farrow Allen Sinatra (aka Ronan Farrow) worked on this story for months, only to have it turned down by NBC.  Being as tenacious as at least one of his potential fathers, he got The New Yorker to publish it.  And with that, Harvey Weinstein was done.  Suddenly, the masses of women who bravely came forward gave power to many more women and men who had stories to tell.  Before long, every day was littered with the latest names associated with sexual assault accusations.  Film, television, theatre, everyone was fair game.  But this isn’t a celebrity battle – this is a human battle.  When you start hearing about the manager of your local grocery store or the owner of the corner gas station, then you’ll realize how widespread this actually is.

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