Did AC Top DC

According to social media, the gays started off the night tuned into CNN for AC Squared – Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen ringing in the New Year.  Personally, I was looking forward to the world seeing something that doesn’t often appear on worldwide live TV – two good-looking gay men of a certain age just hanging out as friends.  Alas, Tweets indicate that Kathy Griffin was sorely missed.  Viewers were bored with the “bromance”, felt Cohen tried too hard to be like Kathy, and Cooper looked like he’d rather be getting an enema – as if that’s a bad thing. 

Having finally slogged through the entire four and a half hour broadcast, I think it was fine – but it probably would have worked better as a show in a gay bar than on an international television network.  Still, there were revelatory moments.  Anderson criticized Cohen for his excessive use of the word “sweetie” – and then used it more than Andy!  There was a curious interchange with Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban about testicles.  I think that’s when the comment about poppers happened.  The most important thing I learned was that at 9AM in the Dallas Airport, Anderson breakfast was orange chicken from Panda Express!  Apparently he just discovered it and thinks it’s “delightful”.  And Coop also shared another tip – if ever one is to be in frigid temps, spend the two grand Coop did on undergarments from The Warming Store – a family-owned company in Philadelphia.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention two runners-up in the quote of the week category.  First, when Andy Cohen saw the portrait made of him by someone high on marijuana, he was shocked.  “Those age lines – I’m like an old marionette!  And, my God, my eyes are even more crossed than they are normally!”  But Cohen was topped by sexy Bill Weir, who was reporting on the indomitable Key West drag queen Sushi being lowered in a giant stiletto at the stroke of midnight.  “I have been offered so many meals and beverages…and apartments, strangely.”  He then added, “I’ve met so many people who’ve touched me – from Puerto Rico, to the Keys, to Texas”.  Ah, life on the road!

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