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What is the barometer of success?  One of my best friends and I often debate this topic.  He feels that a successful movie is one that wins at the box office – not “one of those films nobody’s seen” that wins awards.  By this rationale, Baywatch was actually NOT the worst film of the year/decade!  And, if he worked at CNN, he’d certainly be crowing about the network’s huge win on New Year’s Eve.  Despite tepid reviews, the pairing of Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen gave the network record ratings.  In fact, CNN was quick to send out a press release stating that the numbers were up eight percent from last year – without adding the words “when Kathy Griffin was co-hosting”.  Needless to say, CNN‘s best New Year’s Eve ratings still pale in comparison to ABC‘s pairing of Ryan Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy.  Heck, it may even pale next to Steve Harvey.

CNN continued to dominate the cable news ratings even after Coop and Cohen signed off, leaving the heavy lifting to Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin from the Spotted Cat in New Orleans.  And it was a big night for Lemon – he was celebrating his one-year anniversary with boyfriend Tim Malone.  Just after the stroke of midnight, both Brooke and Don invited their respective dates to join them.  At first, it was unclear who was with whom – Baldwin’s fiancĂ© sat next to Don, and Lemon’s boyfriend sat on the other side of Brooke!  Within moments, it was clear who was with whom when Don leaned over Brooke to kiss Tim, saying, “I love you baby.”  Aww. 

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