Tom Assumes The Position

There are Olympians, and then there’s Tom Daley.  In the past, we’ve heard of nude photos and a video exchanged with various men during his “break” with Dustin Lance Black.  There have been bits and pieces that have circulated, but now he’s apparently in “anguish” over the latest leak.  One unnamed friend (note to all of my friends – should you ever be quoted, you are allowed to be named) said, “These are SO old – from 2016!”.  2016 is “SO old”?  We’re barely out of 2017!  Perhaps more damning than the photos themselves are how he is posing.  A British tabloid writes the following: “One of the pictures shows the 23-year-old Olympian diver naked with his bum sticking in the air suggestively.”  Oh, dear – he’s assuming the “position”!  Now, we all know DLB’s sexual proclivities.  With this new information, I can’t help but wonder – do you think they simply order in?

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