Cursed Cruise

A big story in the news this week was the death of Storm Chasers star Joel Taylor on the Atlantis Harmony Caribbean cruise.  Allegedly, the death was an OD from GHB – although no official toxicology has been released.  That didn’t stop several revelers on the ship from contacting me, sharing some salacious tales (or, in this case, tails).  Originally, it was reported that the death happened in the middle of a concert by Olivia Newton John.  False – but let it be known that when it’s my time to go, that’s how I’d like to exit…preferably during the medley from Xanadu.  We’re told Taylor passed out on the dance floor and died shortly thereafter.  The FBI was investigating the death since it happened on open waters, but the case was dropped after it was determined that foul play was not involved.

This was not the only incident on the cruise.  Porn couple Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber had to leave the ship in Puerto Rico.  According to reports, they had a fight, Dirk got drunk and passed out.  He was later found to have pneumonia and was rushed to an area hospital.  It seems a cloud was hanging over this trip before it even left dock in Fort Lauderdale.  Two prospective passengers were stopped from boarding when they were found to be carrying what has been described in the press as “a ton of illegal drugs on board”.  I’m not sure exactly how we’re defining “ton” these days.  Authorities confiscated 25 ecstasy pills and a baby powder container with 7.87 grams of ketamine.  Hardly a ton – in fact, it’s barely a fraction of a pound!  It must be that new math all the kids are doing.

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