Garbage Man Turned Model Nude

Our Ask Billy question comes from Frank in Baltimore.  “What do you know about that garbage man who became a model?  He’s so freakin’ hot.  And I hear he’s even posed nude.  Do you have the photos?  Is he gay?”

A gay garbage man?  And I said that with my best Googie Gomez impersonation.  You are obviously talking about the quite stunning Jeff Tomsik, who was a garbage collector in Ohio before someone discovered him.  Regarding his sex life, he’s predictably cagey.  “I never kiss and tell, but all you need to know is I’m an honest faithful guy.”  And yet, I need to know SO much more!  And, yes, he has posed nude.  When asked about it, he says, “Well, what happens behind the scenes, stays behind the scenes.”  Happily, they are front and center on


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