More Reboots Coming

Apparently everything old is new again.  The CW has announced a reboot of Charmed (without the support of any of the original cast members).  CBS has ordered reboot pilots from Magnum P.I. (with a female playing Higgins) and Cagney and Lacey (with a sassy black woman playing Lacey).  The Greatest American Hero is on ABC‘s list for a reboot, but with a female hero this time around.  I suspect all of these projects were inspired by the success of Will & Grace – which slipped back into their stride almost effortlessly.  Special praise must go to the reboot of One Day at a Time – which was reconceived as a socially relevant and sharply funny sitcom worthy of the name Norman Lear (with lots of help by the legendary Rita Moreno).

After several aborted attempts at a reboot, Murphy Brown is back.  The show previously announced a reunion series in 2012, to coincide with the election.  At the time, creator Diane English said, “We’re having a little conversation with CBS about a few episodes, and I think it’s possible.  Candice knows about it, and we’re going to talk to her more in July once she wraps her Broadway play.”  Alas, that didn’t happen, but Diane never gave up hope (although I almost did since release of DVDs of the series stalled because of rights to the music).  After 20 years, the network, the producers, and the star are all on the same page and want it to happen.  The one unknown is how many of the original cast members will return.  I’m told Lily Tomlin is all gung-ho.  Damn, I knew there was something I forgot to ask her.  But she did tell me there will be a fifth season of Grace and Frankie – they can’t sit on those deck chairs forever! 


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