Tom Daley’s Knocked Up

“I’ve been trying and I just can’t get pregnant.”  
– Nate Berkus describes the efforts he and hubby Jeremiah Brent have had in providing a sibling for
their 2-year-old daughter, Poppy.  Thanks for playing another spirited round of Who’s the Bottom?.

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black made a big announcement on Valentine’s Day – they’ve hired a surrogate and are having a child.  To make it official, they posted the ultrasound on Instagram.  And I say – with almost no trace of sarcasm – good for them.  Alas, this news has led to many people online attacking the couple.  Some of it seems to be homophobia and jealousy (let’s face it, both of these guys are pretty hot), but some are attacking them for bringing a child into a relationship destined for failure due to their less-than-stellar fidelity, and the diver not being much more than a child himself.  And I say – in all sincerity – mind your own business!  If we stopped every good-looking couple in a doomed relationship from having children, where would my future boyfriends come from?


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