Leather at the Oscars

Our gay Olympians were also at the Oscars.  Gus Kenworthy was with his equally hot beau Matt Wilkas, while Adam Rippon was with his best friend, fellow figure skater Mirai Nagasu.  In terms of Rippon, everyone focused on the fact that he was wearing a leather harness, which I believe was of the slave variety (but I’m no expert).  Days later, Andy Cohen asked him what he looks for in a man.  He said he wants someone who goes to the gym and has a job.  Then Brandi Glanville piped in, “He needs a rough top”.  Adam quickly added, “Why not?”  Something tells me they’ll have to get in line behind Cohen.

Many people are wondering if Rippon will be invited to compete on the upcoming athletes-only edition of Dancing with the Stars.  While we hear ABC really wants him, I suspect it is unlikely.  The show starts on April 30th, and the dancers begin practicing two weeks before that.  Adam is already scheduled to tour with Stars on Ice from April 6th through May 20th.  So, unless he’s gonna commute back and forth, I highly doubt it. 

Might I remind ABC that Greg Louganis has been begging to be on DWTS for years.  If ever there were a season where he’d fit in perfectly, it’s this one.  An Olympic champion, a legend, and gay – sign him up!  

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