Dame De Havilland’s Win

Remember the case of Dame Olivia de Havilland against Ryan Murphy and FX over how she was portrayed in Feud?  Well, she scored a major victory.  She fought the network’s attempt to get the case thrown out of court, and won.  This was a win that sent shockwaves all over Hollywood – by siding with Dame de Havilland, the court was allowing a real person the right to dictate how they were portrayed.  This led to a rare demonstration of solidarity as many of the major studios and Netflix joined FX against the 101-year-old legend.  An appeal was quickly filed, claiming that the ruling “threatens to doom entire genres of fact-based motion pictures, including docudramas and biopics.”  It further stated that “Under the court’s logic, all unauthorized biographies would be unlawful.”  Wouldn’t that also endanger gossip columns?  Oh my God, will I have to go to court?  Will I have to testify against Livvy?  More importantly, what will I wear?  Just after we went to press, turns out the appeal was successful and the case was thrown out of court.  But that may not be the last of it.  We hear that Olivia is contemplating her options.

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