Math Teacher’s History

I recently came across a salacious headline.  “PORN SHOCK – Maths teacher outed as PORN star by pupils who googled him on their lunch break” – courtesy of The Sun in London.  The subheading said “Body builder Scott Sherwood was revealed as porn star Aaron Cage, who has starred in a number of X-rated films.”  If you continued halfway through the article, you found out that Scott/Aaron was a GAY porn star.  Apparently one of his students found clips from Gruff Stuff and Manpower on YouTube.  He commented, “That guy is my maths teach.  His real name is Scott Sherwood.  I’m scared.”  I’m not sure what he’s scared of – although Scott/Aaron is quite…well, sizable.  The uncle of one student discovered this situation when picking up his niece from school.  “I couldn’t believe my ears.  I was furious.  They had gathered round in the playground watching one of their phones.  As they found this stuff the crowd got bigger and bigger.”  It bears mentioning that the students at the school in East Sussex, England, are between 11 and 16, so perhaps this material is not for them. 

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