DeVine Nudity

Our Ask Billy question comes from Jason in San Francisco: “I just saw Game Over, Man! and couldn’t believe Adam DeVine was totally naked.  Do you have pics?  Was that all him?  And what about that gay sex scene?”

For the benefit of my readers who have no idea what Jason is talking about, Game Over, Man! is a movie Netflix released last week.  It’s sorta like a cross between The HangoverDie Hard, and one of the later Cheech and Chong efforts.  It is true – Adam DeVine goes full frontal.  He also goes full backal.  That leads to more conversation about buttholes than I thought straight men had – but what do I know?  Anyway, he is hiding in a closet, not wearing any pants, and faking death by auto-erotic asphyxiation when two hit men come into the hotel room and decide to have sex!  It’ll all make sense if you ever watch the film!  Aside from DeVine, my attention was captured by the sight of the sizzling Steve Howey, who is playing one of the two hit men.  Of course, we’ve seen him nude before in Shameless, but it bears repeating.  You can see the full scene on

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