Inside Styles’ Slacks

Darin in Houston sent in this Ask Billy question: “I heard that Harry Styles performed somewhere in Europe with a cock ring.  Is it true?  Do you have videos or photos?”

While we don’t know exactly what was going on under Harry’s trousers, we can at least fill in a few gaps.  First, it happened in Munich, Germany.  Harry was wearing a snug purple suit and brandishing flags in both arms – apparently he thought he was a gay man in a disco in 1985 (were it 1975, he’d have had a tambourine).  As he arches his back, it does appear that a small cylindrical form pops from the front of his trousers.  But, upon closer inspection, a similar shape pops from the side as well.  This made me think it could be the pant pockets and the angle of the camera.  So we did more investigating, found a video from a different angle and, well, let’s just say you can see exactly what’s happening on

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