The Talented Mr. Schmidt

In some cities, nude photos of a political candidate would be career suicide.  But some cities ain’t West Hollywood.  Last week, a candidate for WeHo City Council confirmed that the photos of him in flagrante delicto and performing various sexual acts are real, in order to – wait for it – “run an absolutely transparent campaign”.  I’m all for transparency, but this is ridiculous!  The candidate in question is Eric Jon Schmidt – and doesn’t that sound like the name of somebody you’d wanna see naked?  He has a profile on DudesNude which includes 23 photos, described by one outlet as “some solo and some featuring Schmidt with other men”.  And in case that wasn’t enough (and when is it ever?), the profile also includes six videos of Schmidt having sex.  I dunno about you, but I think a good sex video could really swing the election…in West Hollywood.

But don’t give Schmidt all the credit – he didn’t release the photos purposely.  A “reporter” (and these days, we use that term awfully loosely) contacted him and said, “I know about the DudesNude profile and I’m gonna run a story about it.”  Schmidt’s response?  “I’m not ashamed of it, so I wasn’t going to lie about it.”  All so civilized.  I think everyone will say it’s no big deal, but let’s see what happens on election day.  I should mention that Schmidt happens to have a special skill – he can “self suck”.  I would think that could sway some WeHo voters!  For the rest of you, check him out on

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