Pigs Finally Fly in NYC

I skipped the Point Foundation gala to attend the Actors Fund benefit performance of When Pigs Fly.  As you may recall, this revue was slated to return to the off-Broadway stage last fall, but then the money fell through days before the first preview!  So this benefit not only raised money for Actors Fund, it gave the cast a chance to perform the show in front of a live audience – which was incredibly emotional for everyone.  The icing on the cake is that we finally got to see Bob Mackie’s incredible creations.  The legendary designer had completed about 75 percent of the costumes when work stopped.  He graciously allowed this production to use the completed outfits and, boy, were they amazing!  They were so spectacular, I worried they would overshadow the cast.  Imagine coming out of the theatre whistling the costumes!  Happily, the cast matched their accoutrements with a terrific performance that easily won the hearts of everyone (they’re also a pretty good-looking bunch of lads).  Hopefully someone will step up to produce this show and give even more people the chance to enjoy it.

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