Nude Panther

In our Ask Billy question, Jake in Baltimore asks, “I heard one of the guys in Black Panther did gay porn.  Who was it?  And do you have it?”

Shumba Patrick Mutukwa plays an unnamed border tribe warrior in Black Panther.  He was also hired to be a dialect coach since he was born in Zambia.  So it was like a dream come true – until it turned into a nightmare.  He was doing an interview when photos from his porno past surfaced!  The Zambian Observer wrote that Mutukwa is “actually a p*rn star in America who makes a living out of making p*rn0graph! material.”  Yes, that’s how they wrote it – which tells me a 12-year-old girl is writing for the Zambian Observer.  We did some skillful sleuthing and learned that in addition to some amateur solo flicks, he worked for Entertainment West Studios under the creative porn moniker of Shumba Jones.  On his social media page, Shumba Patrick calls himself an actor/fitness model/poet/singer/motivator – in short, the same description porn stars have used since the beginning of time.

In a statement released by his publicist, Shumba confirms the video: “Recently there was an unsavory video released of Shumba Mutukwa to the Zambian public from his 20s.  He was a young man that made a choice not all may agree with…Again, he was a young man himself and is not the same youthful person he was.”  Here’s the thing – he’s barely over 30.  The videos look awfully recent – some of the ones we found online claim to be only a year old.  So, how different of a person is he?  Well, I guess he’s an employed person – that’s a big difference.  The publicist adds, “He is not now, nor was he ever a gay porn actor.”  In fact, the publicist says Shumba made the videos with an ex-girlfriend and denied reports that it was a gay porn.  The publicist’s name?  Larissa Long.  You know who else is long?  Shumba Patrick Mutukwa!  According to one repository of solo videos, he clocks in at 11 inches uncut.  And, because I know you’ll want to see each and every inch, you can check him out on

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