Another Gay Marriage Ends

Marriage is kinda like eating at Chipotle.  It seems like a good idea at the time, but shortly thereafter you may find yourself rushing for the bathroom.  I’m not opposed to marriage in general – or even gay marriage specifically.  I think that this generation sees it as the natural progression of a relationship.  But many gay people “of a certain age” never had the reality of marriage on the horizon.  Once it became legal, loads of people took the plunge to be part of the movement.  Alas, some movements race towards one’s bowels.

Colton Haynes has one foot in that older group, and one in the younger generation.  I guess one could say Colton straddles the age brackets – among other things.  So I was not particularly surprised that he got engaged less than a year after coming out.  That was as predictable as news that his “happily ever after” lasted roughly six months – which, to be fair, is longer than Kim Kardashian’s first attempt.  No official statement has been made, but Colton has unfollowed his hubby on Instagram and deleted all photos of them together from his social media – so that sounds official to me!  As the coup de grace, Colton has recorded a song, because apparently now he’s a chanteuse!  This little ditty is called “Man It Sucks”.  If the man sucks well, I don’t see a problem.

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