One More Nude Diver

Since I’m still across the pond, it seems appropriate to answer an Ask Billy question from Tim in Surrey, England.  “Have you come across the nude photos of Freddie Woodward?  My mate told me they were online, but when I went to the website, they were gone.”

This happens a lot to nude photos.  First, for my US fans, let me explain who Freddie Woodward is.  He’s a 22-year-old British diver – sigh, I know, yet another hot diver!  It’s SO tedious.  Whilst he claims to not be gay, one cannot deny his attractiveness – or his perfectly pert posterior, which he’s previously paraded.  Now we can add to that his ponderous penis, which appears to be close to three meters (but you know how things appear larger on camera).  You’ll spring out of your shorts when you see it on

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