French Model or Sex Pig?

In a scintillating Ask Billy question, Robbie from Dallas asks, “What do you know about model Charles Laurent?  I hear he’s a sex pig.”

I never heard of him before, but I’m happy to research anyone who is a sex pig.  Turns out the luscious French model has a past – providing services to people on an hourly basis.  Apparently, that was after he was discovered “dancing”, he says euphemistically.  Nowadays, Charles-Laurent Marchand (to use his full name) is far more respectable, but previously had a penchant for posing nude whenever he could – thank God!  While lately he’s been more chaste, our researchers uncovered a sizable appendage.  Yes, the face is hot and the body is beyond perfect.  But trust me when I say you’ll wanna see the rest.  And the only place to do that is on

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