Mendes Wants Bieber’s Undies

You know what Shawn Mendes wants to get his hands on?  Justin Bieber’s underwear.  Well, who could blame him.  It all happened during an episode of James Corden’s show.  Shawn was doing Carpool Karaoke, and he mentioned that even though he lives on his own, his mum still does his housework and laundry.  This gave Corden the perfect opportunity to say, “You know, Justin Bieber wears a new pair of underpants every day.  I think he then sells them online.”  Without batting a perfectly mascaraed lash, Mendes said, “I’d buy them.”  In case he didn’t hear right, Corden asked, “How much would you pay for Justin Bieber’s underpants?”  “I’d probably cap it at like $500.”  James then asked Mendes how much he’d pay for a pair of his (Corden’s) undies.  “I would pay to not have a pair of your underpants.  I would pay for them to be as far away from me as possible.”  Charming.

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