Band Boys For Actors Fund

Speaking of theatrical benefits, The Boys in the Band has added a special show as a benefit for The Actors Fund on July 26th at midnight.  Since it’s a late-night performance, perhaps someone getting out of the shower on stage will take a few extra minutes putting on his undies.  Grab your tickets at  Tell ‘em Billy sent you!

I’m already scheduled to be in NYC that night because that’s when Head Over Heels opens on Broadway.  The long-gestating show featuring the music of The Go-Go’s will surely be a momentous occasion – not the least of which because it will feature (watch how skillfully I tie this whole column together) the first openly trans person to star in a Broadway musical!  Not only that, Scarlett, but Peppermint is playing a trans role – the oracle Pythio, who is described as “neither he nor she”.  When it comes to replacement casting, the possibilities are endless.

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